Peaceful Children of Pico

Peaceful Children of Pico

By Kada Designs Ltd

Peaceful Children of PicoPeaceful Children of PicoPeaceful Children of PicoPeaceful Children of PicoPeaceful Children of Pico

*** Piku invites children to a journey by way of a fantasy world by which the kid turns into the main protagonist. *** - Family Guide

Meditation tales created by our specialists are designed to assist kids find their method to peaceful and pleased life. They will assist your child turn out to be more attentive, help maintain psychological well-being and encourage creativity. We supply this help with respiratory exercises, enjoyable and miraculous trips on the back of a unicorn or on a flying carpet, a keep in a cloud fort, making friends with fairies or blowing big bubbles in the air.


Meditations will help you develop the next expertise:

- Get rid of restless ideas, overcome stress and social anxiety

- Learn to relax and relax after an energetic day

Create a sleep-free sleep and stress-free sleep surroundings

- Improve focus and focus in kindergarten, school, and home

- Develop emotional intelligence, creativity

- Improve Behaviors, Relationships, and Positive Attitudes . These are visible and attention-grabbing tales in audio format that will enrich your kid's life and help the kid grow emotionally.

*** The app accommodates 2 FREE meditations. ***

27 extra meditations the gathering can be purchased for a one-time payment. After buying the complete collection, you'll use greater than 3 hours of assorted audio content to keep your youngsters calm and joyful and to stay so in the future.


Each meditation is designed with the most typical questions or difficulties in thoughts and is tailor-made to the totally different wants and conditions of the kids.


Relaxing meditations educate children to calm their body and thoughts, assist them fall asleep, and enhance their sleep quality. Create a nice night's sleep and keep away from the struggles that unfold within the evenings. days. Create a calming, protected and galvanizing world that youngsters can return to at any time with their eyes closed. calm moments of reflection.This will assist dispel worries, unhappiness and stress on the proper time. When a toddler is overwhelmed by emotions, the meditations in the app will help him to take a break during which the child will relax and his anxiousness will lower.


Encourage youngsters to accept robust emotions similar to anger, and the power to recognize them inside oneself. Encourage to not be afraid and not to push them deep, but to just accept and specific. Help children look, accept, and calmly come to terms with these emotions by way of meditation.


Cultivate the kindness, compassion, and love inside your youngster. Help the kids feel very beloved, educate them to attract strength from the love you present. Teach them to love themselves and assist construct more significant relationships with different individuals.

ART (3)

Encourage youngsters to express their ideas, feelings and experiences by way of creativity. Creativity-based meditation is not going to only develop creativeness, but also allow you to focus and focus.


- Melisa Dormoi - National Hypnotist Guild Certified Hypnotherapist, Bestseller, Teacher and Mentor , Founder of ShambalaKids (

- Evelina Savickaitė-Kazlauskė - Educational Psychologist, Art Therapist, Educator, Author (

- Michelle Roberton-Jones is an angel therapy specialist and writer

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