By Systembolaget AB


Moderate is an app from Systembolaget for you who're over 18 years old. We have created it to make extra individuals mirror on their ingesting and to avoid overconsumption of alcohol. We additionally hope that you will study more about how alcohol impacts the body and what it means to drink in moderation. The app offers you insights on how totally different drinks, quantity and tempo can affect you.

• Graph displaying your diploma of intoxication.

• View that converts what you've drunk into normal glass.

• See what quantity of energy the drinks comprise.

• Experiment or add what you truly drink.

• History offers you useful insights into your habits.

• Learn more about components that affect the diploma of intoxication.

• Gain a better understanding of the results of alcohol on the body.

The app cannot measure what number of per mille you have in your physique.

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