Headache Diary

Headache Diary

By mEL Studio

Headache DiaryHeadache DiaryHeadache DiaryHeadache DiaryHeadache Diary

Headache diary permit you to easily track all conditions of the incidence of complications, fix the energy (level) of the headache, its length, types and localization of pain.

Tracking and fixing in the application all situations when you've a headache, you presumably can add potential triggers and context, to find a way to understand your body and determine when and why it happens.

Application options:

Add all of the situations of the headache in one touch, its duration and strength on a scale of 1 to 10;

Add possible triggers, localization and kinds of headache ache to every record;

Fix all drugs taken, their dosages and determine how properly they have an effect on you, assist or not;

Notifications system will assist you to bear in mind to take the drugs, and also enter a record about it;

Add signs and your well-being, depending on the time;

Material design permit you to quickly and simply make, edit and delete all information in headache log.

A versatile system of statistics and graphs, which permits:

Analyze the most common causes of headache and migraines;

Identify the forms of headache and what it includes;

Determine the most frequent time of incidence of pain, and observe its dynamics over time;

Detailed statistics on the medicines which are being taken, which are best to help and at what time, and which are not, so headache journal will allow you to to find out most applicable drugs for you;

A system of graphs that exhibits the dynamics of the period of all records, entered in headache journal, as properly as its power, common values by days, weeks and months.


Diary (journal) of headache and migraine will be helpful to everyone who usually faces this drawback, wants to know himself and the causes of pain, in order to ultimately win and take control of this problem!

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