Scan Eat - Food scanner to eat better

Scan Eat - Food scanner to eat better

By Scan Eat App

Scan Eat - Food scanner to eat betterScan Eat - Food scanner to eat betterScan Eat - Food scanner to eat betterScan Eat - Food scanner to eat betterScan Eat - Food scanner to eat better

Understand everything behind the label of a meals product? Nothing might be simpler!

Thanks to Scan Eat, uncover the complete composition of a product by scanning its barcode with your phone or trying to find it on the application.


The outcome seems within the form of a Nutriscore from A to E, easy and colorful, which makes it possible to know immediately the quality of a meals product. You will know if the product incorporates components, allergens or palm oil, every thing might be indicated thanks to clear and evocative pictograms. Is the product vegetarian or vegan? Is it composed of many additives or allergens? You will comprehend it in the blink of an eye.


We use the free and participatory OpenFoodFacts database ( which provides several hundred thousand merchandise added by people. We need to inform you about your food regimen, far from all meals lobbies and different pressures. You will therefore get the composition of the food because it actually is, not as some brands wish to current it to you.


Scan Eat weighs lower than 10mb, its launch and use are fast, navigation is straightforward. All personal info, preferences and searches are all stored on YOUR telephone. No one however you has entry to it, which ensures you complete confidentiality. Your information is your info, we cannot do something with it.


Scan Eat's food scanner is highly effective and really quick, in a quantity of seconds it identifies the code- bars of your meals and the product sheet is displayed. You will find the content of fat / lipids, saturated fatty acids, sugars and salt. The presence or absence of allergens, additives or palm oil will be indicated to you in the form of pictograms. If the product has obtained a Label corresponding to Label Bio, Produced in Brittany or Label Rouge, you will know it instantly too.


Scan Eat allows you to search for your meals according to many standards: its rating, its label, whether or not or not it contains allergens, components or palm oil. You can seek for a vegan or vegetarian food.


Find in these tabs all of the products that you have got consulted and those that you have put in your favourites. To favor a food, simply click on on the star showing on its product sheet, the listing of favorites is automatically up to date, allowing you to simply find a product.


You will have the flexibility to create lists of merchandise that can be utilized as reminders or buying lists! We will also offer you pre-established lists on various themes corresponding to brunch or birthday snacks! The tops are a number of the most searched merchandise, the best or worst ratings of this or that product class.


If you scan a product does not exist within the OpenFoodFacts database, you can add it immediately from the appliance and obtain the Nutriscore.

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