Caffeine Tracker

Caffeine Tracker

By Rogan Software

Caffeine TrackerCaffeine TrackerCaffeine TrackerCaffeine TrackerCaffeine TrackerCaffeine TrackerCaffeine Tracker

Tracks your current level of caffeine.

Simply document every drink you consume. Accounts for the natural metabolism of the caffeine in each

drink over time.

Recent updates:

* Easily record other doses by mg amount (caffeine tablets, e.g.)

* New setting for 24 or 12 hour time display

* Other stability and bug fix improvements

Pie chart colors present following:

green = caffeine in your bloodstream (this is the stuff you feel!)

blue = caffeine consumed, however not yet absorbed into bloodstream

red = caffeine consumed and absorbed, however metabolized from your bloodstream

Feel free to rate as you see fit, but please recommend features and bug fixes by way of email to:

[email protected]


* Set your desired caffeine zone with notifications!

* Charts!

* Share to your caffeine level

* Display drink sizes in oz. or ml.

* Add custom drinks

* Export information to CSV and send as attachment via e-mail (or save to Google Drive)

* Caffeine metabolism algorithm takes into consideration components corresponding to: being pregnant, and use of oral contraceptives

* Customize consumption ramp up period

* Easily document other doses by mg quantity (caffeine tablets, e.g.)

* Display occasions with 24 or 12 hour format