Zario: Digital Wellbeing

Zario: Digital Wellbeing

By Zario

Zario: Digital WellbeingZario: Digital WellbeingZario: Digital WellbeingZario: Digital WellbeingZario: Digital WellbeingZario: Digital WellbeingZario: Digital Wellbeing

1# World's latest digital wellbeing App. Reducing screen time must be enjoyable, not limiting!

Zario helps you are taking back management of your phone habits with enjoyable, interactive and science backed challenges that match into your on an everyday basis schedule.

Say goodbye to feeling like you're wasting your time mindlessly scrolling and say hello to feeling fresh, in management and studying new tips and methods that helps.

By doing a fun 3-minute-challenge, you save over 1 hour of unwanted display time. Pick between 3 challenges each day and set yourself up for feeling and being better long term.

Using our phones just isn't the problem, nevertheless it's when our phones are using us, that it is.


Zario uses the most recent behavioural psychology science and gamification know-how to reverse engineer the components that make social media apps so addictive, but to assist individuals take back management and really feel higher about their display time habits. We can solely change our habits when we are fully conscious of them, subsequently Zario teaches you about yourself, makes you reflect upon why you do the things that you simply do, and empowers you to enhance how you are feeling and act.

By utilizing Zario for a few minutes every day, Zario learns what you take pleasure in through your problem rankings, and likewise which sort of challenges you like and what works for you.

Other apps only give attention to limiting your display time, while Zario goes 3 steps additional that will help you understand your self and discover better ways to replace the display via actions and activities that you love and discover fulfilling, however sometimes you simply need that little spark of inspiration or motivation, and that is what Zario is for, and why it works.


- Feel empowered and in control

- Save 1 hour every day

- Reduce stress, be extra mindful

- Challenge yourself to reside new experience in actual life

- Learn all the best suggestions and tricks to scale back screen time

- Better sleep and happier mornings

- Be extra intentional along with your phone usage

- Feel joyful and in management of your screen time


- Pick between 3 bite-sized challenges every day

- Personalised journey of challenges primarily based on your ratings

- 13 completely different challenge categories

- Remove unwanted notifications

- Track progress and screen time

- Receive expertise factors for each completed challenge

- Learn the science behind each challenge


Unlike most apps, Zario works entirely in your telephone and private searching knowledge by no means leaves your gadget.


“It was past my expectations. I already tried a lot to minimize back my display screen time. This was the first thing that helped me understand my habits. - Melissa

“I had a lot of enjoyable. I have by no means tried one thing like this and it very a lot exceeded my

expectations.” - Domi

“I realized lots. It made me realise why I was procrastinating and helped me reduce display screen time.” - Xenja


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Please write to [email protected] for any support inquiries, help or any additional help.

By doing a 3 minute challenge you save over 1 hour. Pick between 3 challenges each day and set your self up for feeling better long run.

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