WHO ICOPE Handbook App

WHO ICOPE Handbook App

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WHO ICOPE Handbook AppWHO ICOPE Handbook AppWHO ICOPE Handbook AppWHO ICOPE Handbook AppWHO ICOPE Handbook AppWHO ICOPE Handbook App

The World Health Organization's ICOPE Handbook App is a digital application that helps the implementation of the Integrated Care for Older People strategy (ICOPE). The interactive app guides health and social care employees step-by-step via the process of screening older individuals at danger of care dependency in the community, enterprise a person-centred evaluation of older people’s health and social care wants, and designing a personalised care plan. The app can be used by governments and organisations to train well being and social care employees to deliver personalised care.

ICOPE is an evidence-based approach developed by WHO that helps health systems help Healthy Ageing via the design and implementation of a person-centred and coordinated mannequin of care. ICOPE emphasises early intervention in priority health situations related to declines in older folks's physical and mental capacities, which include: mobility limitations, malnutrition, visual impairment and hearing loss, cognitive decline, and depressive signs.

To find out extra about ICOPE and entry related assets, visit the webpage at: https://www.who.int/ageing/health-systems/icope/en

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