Diabetes and Diet Consultant

Diabetes and Diet Consultant

By NRG Labs

Diabetes and Diet ConsultantDiabetes and Diet ConsultantDiabetes and Diet ConsultantDiabetes and Diet ConsultantDiabetes and Diet ConsultantDiabetes and Diet ConsultantDiabetes and Diet Consultant

Diabetes Consultant app is probably the most comprehensive all-in-one app for food plan and diabetes management. With greater than 3 million recipes, you presumably can choose essentially the most appropriate meal plan for you, monitoring macros, glycemic index, glycemic load and more then 20 micronutrients.

Diabetes Consultant will allow you to higher perceive and management pre-diabetes, diabetes kind 1, diabetes kind 2, or any endocrine situation together with enhancing your diet, reducing weight, providing suggestions, help and motivation.

⭐ Fast, effective and private appointments with our Endocrinologist, MD for any desired endocrine Consultation. ⭐

Diabetes Consultant app enables you to simply browse, search for, and display the Glycemic Index for various foods. The utility also helps in sustaining a body weight and blood glucose levels (including HbA1c). It additionally permits to judge blood stress and warns about too high levels of pressure. You also can browse Glycemic Load and carbohydrates contents in meals. Knowing these values and following a low-carb food regimen like Montignac, Paleo, Atkins, low-GI and similar, helps avoid weight acquire or weight problems and decrease the chance of diabetes, coronary heart and age-related health ailments.

Do you wish to eat smart?

* know good food and eat smart

* observe low-carb diets or keto diets

* management your weight

* forestall diseases like diabetes or heart ailments like hypertension

* struggle weight achieve, obese and obesity

* have the Glycemic Load, Index and carbs data always at hand


* Make your required Diet plan with our Consultant (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack)

* Fast, Efficient and Private Online Appointment with Endocrinologist, MD - Pre-diabetes, Diabetes Type 1, Type 2, Weight Loss, Healthy Diet, Any Endocrine Condition

* Suitable meal distribution and macros management

* Consultation with warnings and remarks in case your diet or recipe is not handy on your health condition

* Basal Metabolic Rate for you physique and estimation of needed daily calorie intake

* More than 3 millions recipes with Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load

* Favorite and up to date meals with search feature

* More than 20 Micronutrients

* BMI calculator

* Glycemic Load

* Carbohydrates content

* Protein content

* Fat content

* Calories

* Fiber content material in meals and net carbs

* Food diary to maintain track of your meals, glycemic load and carbs consumption

* And far more...

So, are you aware what you eat? Find out now! Install the app and use it to take control of your well being.

GI means Glycemic Index. It is a quantity related to a particular kind of food to indicate the food's impact on a person's blood glucose (blood sugar) level. The number sometimes ranges between 50 and 100, the place a hundred represents pure glucose, an equivalent quantity of pure glucose.

The Glycemic Load (GL) of meals is a number that estimates how a lot the food will increase a person's blood glucose stage after eating it. It can be utilized to use the Glycemic Index to weight-reduction plan by connecting the GI number with carbohydrates content material in a given serving. It offers an estimation on how much a serving size of meals is likely to improve blood-sugar ranges.

Net carbs are total carbs minus fiber which is indigestible thus it is thought of not to raise blood sugar ranges.

BMI is used to evaluate health risks and physique construction but doesn't soak up consideration muscular mass so it could typically be inaccurate, for instance within the case of athletes or pregnant ladies.

Diabetes mellitus (DM), generally generally known as diabetes, is a gaggle of metabolic disorders characterized by excessive blood sugar levels over a protracted period.

Hyperglycemia (also spelled hyperglycaemia or hyperglycæmia), is a condition by which an excessive amount of glucose circulates within the blood plasma.

Observational research demonstrate that people who preserve arterial pressures at the low finish of those pressure ranges have significantly better long-term cardiovascular health.

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