TASC app for Android

TASC app for Android


TASC app for AndroidTASC app for AndroidTASC app for AndroidTASC app for AndroidTASC app for Android

Requires Universal Benefit Account access (new and upgraded individuals only).

Manage your TASC benefit accounts on the go! The all-in-one app tracks your healthcare, parking, transit and dependent care accounts—and more! You’ll never should wonder what your steadiness is when it’s right there at your fingertips. Paid for an eligible expense out of your pocket? Submit a reimbursement request and fasten a picture for verification in less than a minute.

Plus, manage your TASC Card with easy-to-use features:

Easy check in using biometrics

Lock a briefly misplaced card

Request a dependent card

Report a card lost or stolen

Even pay a service provider utilizing Picture to Pay

Intelligent verification process

Bills and receipts repository for fast and easy access to all your receipts and bills

The TASC cellular app keeps you linked to your profit accounts wherever, anytime—making your advantages really feel like advantages.