FitKids 4-7 years

FitKids 4-7 years

By pur AG

FitKids 4-7 yearsFitKids 4-7 yearsFitKids 4-7 yearsFitKids 4-7 yearsFitKids 4-7 yearsFitKids 4-7 yearsFitKids 4-7 years

FitKids I mild 4-7 years - a fun program!

Exercise on your youngster. Joyful, enjoyable and educational!

Great movement games for kids to hitch in in the video.

Hello, my title is Linda Haus.

At my work as As a sports activities and gymnastics teacher, I even have been working with children from toddler and preschool age for over 15 years and have already gained lots of expertise by method of the physical development of youngsters. In addition, every day I see with my son, who's now 6 years outdated, what an unbelievable want for play, motion and activity there's every day and what growth spurts he is making. You and your youngster are welcome to benefit from my expertise.

Have fun!

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