Sleep Sounds - SleepWell (Protecting your Privacy)

Sleep Sounds - SleepWell (Protecting your Privacy)

By Trademarc Apps

Sleep Sounds - SleepWell (Protecting your Privacy)Sleep Sounds - SleepWell (Protecting your Privacy)Sleep Sounds - SleepWell (Protecting your Privacy)

Most important


★ No registration, we don't need your personal data ;-)

★ No subscriptions

★ Not asking for tons of permissions

★ No web connection required

★ German developer

Advantages of Using SleepWell


★ Fall asleep quick and easy

★ Don't hear your associate snore

★ No more worries, just dream away

★ Works completely offline



★ High quality sounds loop

★ Recorded from the actual world, no synthetic sounds

★ Play sounds for up to 12 hours

★ Goes easy on the battery of your device

How to use


★ Open the app

★ Select for the way lengthy you want to play the sounds utilizing the clock dial

★ Tap a sound icon to play a sound

★ Playback will stop automatically after the time ran out

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