Qigong Flow with Marisa

Qigong Flow with Marisa


Qigong Flow with MarisaQigong Flow with MarisaQigong Flow with MarisaQigong Flow with MarisaQigong Flow with MarisaQigong Flow with MarisaQigong Flow with Marisa

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Feel calm and wholesome when you stream or obtain these follow-along qigong move routines with Marisa. A single IAP in-app buy unlocks each program. ($9.99 USD) Free sample movies are included.

Qigong Flow power exercises empower you to transform stress and anxiety back into vitality when you want it most. YoQi grasp instructor Marisa Cranfill teaches you how to use special qigong to clear pent up emotional stress on both the bodily and energetic levels. The gentle, flowing movements can help easy your circulation of Qi (energy) and reharmonize your nervous system to a state of rest and internal peace.

It is well-known that grief, worry, stress, anger, and fear have a direct impact on our well being and well-being. The Six Healing Sounds is an historical qigong method that uses sound vibration to transform negative feelings into constructive virtues.

Qigong Flow for a Happy Liver is an entire routine designed to support the liver and gallbladder. In conventional Chinese medication (TCM), the vibration of the liver resonates with the wooden factor, the season of spring, and the capability for development.

Awaken your inside healer, promote healthy blood circulation, and open your heart! Qigong Flow for a Happy Heart is a whole routine designed to purify, nourish, and balance the guts and small-intestine meridians. In traditional Chinese drugs, the guts and small gut resonate with the fire element and the virtue of everlasting happiness.

Qigong Flow for a Happy Spleen Stomach is a complete routine designed to purge and fortify the spleen, pancreas, and abdomen. In TCM , these organs resonate with the earth factor and our capability to belief life. The spleen is an important, underrated organ that plays a vital role in our immune system, blood filtration, and digestion, and energetically, is also the middle of stability that helps psychological clarity and confidence.

Qigong Flow for Happy Kidneys is a complete routine designed to balance and nourish the kidneys and urinary bladder. In TCM, the kidneys resonate with the water factor and the spirt of willpower. Happy kidneys are the key to energetic stamina, sexual efficiency, and longevity. They not solely regulate the body fluids and filter the blood, however they are also thought-about the energy batteries of our body.

Breathe into the current second, enhance your immune system, and energize your body with qi. Qigong Flow for Happy Lungs is a whole routine designed to balance and support the lungs and large intestine. In TCM, the vibration of the lungs resonates with the metal element and the advantage of braveness to embrace the current second.

Qi-gong, power work, has been recognized for tons of of years to improve your well being, vitality and longevity, and modern science confirms this is likely one of the finest methods to boost your immune system. Like Tai Chi, Qigong relaxes the mind and physique deeply, a key to sustaining and enhancing health. Your pure healing skills are handiest when you are calm and centered. Regular follow can profit your power, flexibility, bone density, and muscle mass. The low-impact exercise has been proven to enhance signs of melancholy and insomnia and promote the healing of persistent conditions. This mind-body artwork is an excellent approach to relieve stress, decrease your blood pressure, and develop a constructive perspective towards life.

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