Einstein Brain Training

Einstein Brain Training

By BBG Entertainment

Einstein Brain TrainingEinstein Brain TrainingEinstein Brain TrainingEinstein Brain TrainingEinstein Brain TrainingEinstein Brain TrainingEinstein Brain Training

Take only 5 minutes every day to keep your brain young and fresh! Whether alone, with family or pals around the world, the Einstein™ Brain Training accompanies you with 30 different workouts. The well-known Albert Einstein will assists you all through your journey and clarify how your mind is activated and supported by the training.


• 30 specially designed games for cognitive training

• Scientific background for each exercise

• Daily checks to examine your mind health

• Very simple, intuitive operation for amusing mind stimulation

• Guidance and motivation by Albert Einstein and his humorous assistant Robo

• Dynamic difficulty adjustment of the person brain trainings

• Extensive, detailed player statistics, excessive scores trophies

• Different profiles and “hot-seat” mode for a quantity of gamers on one smartphone/tablet


All 30 brain training workout routines have been examined as part of the event of our Brain training with Dr. Kawashima” program in collaboration with the Industry University Research Project by Professor Dr. Kawashima. Dr. Kawashima is a extensively known Japanese neuroscientist and Alzheimer's researcher who has already successfully assisted other brain training initiatives.

The Einstein™ Brain Training supports the following languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Dutch and Chinese.


We always attempt to give you one of the best app for mind training, so we're all the time excited about feedback. Please contact us any time and tell us the version of the ope- ranking system and the type of your gadget.

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