Defender Battle

Defender Battle

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Defender BattleDefender BattleDefender BattleDefender BattleDefender BattleDefender BattleDefender Battle

Kingdom of Arthur was invaded by darkish forces and demons. The war broke out. The devils divided the kingdom into separate areas to rule with dark magic.

Only highly effective heroes, the soldiers with ancient magical powers and the most effective techniques can save the kingdom. The army of kingdom must struggle the monster, zombie, orc or the devils come from demon kingdom.

Build your army and make your empire to defend your kingdom from evil attacks. Upgrade your castle earlier than the dominion sinks into the darkish. Are you ready to affix the battles in Realm Battle: Rival Kingdoms?

▶The finest strategy game

Realm Battle is an ideal combination of a warfare technique game and a role-playing sport. You will build your military by summoning soldiers and heroes to fight in battles. Besides that, you can even control your hero to guide his army to victory. You will learn to turn into a warrior, summon reinforcements, tips on how to command your troops, recruit elven warriors, face legendary monsters, the means to use resources to construct a kingdom and how to win a battle. Your as soon as great kingdom now fights for its life towards a scourge of mighty monsters! Are you ready?

▶ Upgrade, Defense, and Magic

As a tower protection strategy game, Realm Battle has ways in every a part of the sport.

Upgrade your kingdom rush and army in different ways to create one of the best techniques. Defend your fort by summoning elves and royal troops to maintain monsters from touching your castle. Use ancient magic to help your troops get stronger, historic spells and soul stones help you win the hardest battles.

▶ Legendary hero and allied kingdom

Realm Battle is unique compared to other technique video games, Realm Battle will bring you the experience of a role-playing game in a technique recreation. You can management your legendary heroes, move and use expertise and likewise summon troops, command your military to win battles. In Realm Battle you may be supported by allied kingdom. The warriors from the human kingdom with resilience and ability to make use of tactics, from elf kingdom with one of the best archers and the warriors with historic power, element kingdom with mysterious power and powerful spells. All that makes a great technique sport.

▶ Battle million other players

PVP system is a new feature of Realm Battle. You can show your power to your mates or millions of other gamers all over the world. Where you show the energy of your kingdom and receive rewards.

Game Features:

★ Epic protection battles with a mixture of RPG and strategy video games.

★ The army system with 100 different sorts of enemies and 60 completely different challenges.

★ You management the action! Activate Heroes’ abilities.

★ Command your soldiers and see them engage in hand at hand fantasy cartoon battles!

★ Multiple worlds to play with 3 kingdoms and 25 totally different troopers from Viking, murderer, archer to demon hunter.

★ Over 40 totally different enemies, from goblins to evil dragon each with their very own skills!

★ 7 heroes from the Human kingdom, Elven kingdom, and Element kingdom. Choose your champion to steer your troops to victory!

★ A huge number of enemies supply a quantity of challenges: Burn your enemy, freeze, stun, poison, gradual and more talent out of your gadgets to forged in battle.

★ PVP mode: Where you'll have the ability to fight with different gamers around the globe.

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