Hades #39; Star: DARK NEBULA

Hades #39; Star: DARK NEBULA

By Parallel Space Inc

Hades #39; Star: DARK NEBULAHades #39; Star: DARK NEBULAHades #39; Star: DARK NEBULAHades #39; Star: DARK NEBULAHades #39; Star: DARK NEBULAHades #39; Star: DARK NEBULAHades #39; Star: DARK NEBULA

Start your individual personal journey within the Hades Galaxy, or continue guiding the Empire you began in Hades' Star.

DARK NEBULA is the subsequent evolution of the Hades galaxy. With refined familiar actions, in addition to model new actions, building a Space Empire has by no means been extra rewarding.


As the most stable star kind, the Yellow Star presents a perfect setting to ascertain your everlasting presence and plan your Empire's long run financial system. All new players start in their own Yellow Star system and over time expand to discover and colonize more planets, set mining patterns, set up commerce routes and neutralize the mysterious alien ships discovered all through the Hades galaxy.

As the owner of a Yellow Star system, you've complete management over what different players have access to it. By establishing diplomatic relations, you possibly can enable some other player to send ships to your system, and dictate your own phrases for mining, commerce or army cooperation.


Use your scanners to search out close by Red Stars every day. These stars have a small lifetime and can go supernova after quarter-hour.

The objective within the Red Star is to co-operate with some other gamers which have ships in that star system, defeat the NPC ships, retrieve Artifacts from the Red Star planets, and jump back before the Supernova. Artifacts could be researched within the residence star and can yield essential resources for trade, mining and fight advancements. Higher stage Red Stars supply more difficult enemies and better rewards.


Blue Stars are unstable methods that constantly collapse and only last for a few minutes. Each participant can only send a single Battleship to the Blue Star. The 5 taking part players fight each other, using their ship's modules and other NPC ships to destroy the opposite participant ships and be the last one alive.

Blue Stars supply the fastest PvP motion within the game. Regular members obtain daily and month-to-month rewards to advance their Empire.


Players can manage in Corporations. Besides helping one another, Corporations also can scan for White Stars. A White Star sees as much as 30 players from two Corporations battle in the identical star system for Relics, a resource that could be retrieved to improve the Corporation and give each member extra advantages.

Time passes by very slowly in White Stars: each match lasts for 5 days, giving Corporation members time to talk and coordinate their strategy. The Time Machine can be utilized to plan future strikes, communicate them to other Corporation members, and see potential outcomes of future fight.

EARLY ACCESS NOTE: Dark Nebula will eventually accesses the identical galaxy because the Hades' Star app. During Early Access, all progress made in the Dark Nebula app will be temporary and ultimately erased. For everlasting progress that may carry over to Dark Nebula when it is absolutely launched, use the Hades' Star app.

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