Logis Tycoon Evolution

Logis Tycoon Evolution

By Macaron

Logis Tycoon EvolutionLogis Tycoon EvolutionLogis Tycoon EvolutionLogis Tycoon EvolutionLogis Tycoon EvolutionLogis Tycoon EvolutionLogis Tycoon Evolution

Become an proprietor of a world class distribution firm by delivering freight shortly and precisely to cities requesting freight delivery everywhere in the world. The more expertise you accumulate, the extra diverse requests you shall be able to execute. You can use vans and airplanes to move freight over longer distances and more numerous places.

1. Obtain coins using a fundamental freight delivery system!

- Collect all freight in distribution facilities.

- Distribute collected freight to destinations.

- Conveniently collect and ship freight simultaneously.

2. Establish multiple bases by building distribution centers and airports!

- Opened cities may be set as distribution facilities.

- Upgrade distribution facilities to airports.

- Distribution centers act as stepping stones to long distance locations.

- For lengthy distance delivery that can't attain a destination in a single transfer, freight may be moved between distribution centers.

3. Upgrade your distribution center!

- Up to five autos can be dispatched to a distribution middle.

- Up to a few hangars may be built at an airport.

- Freight capacity of distribution centers (airports) can be expanded as a lot as 130 tons.

- If you improve a distribution middle to most capability, you'll find a way to earn cash faster.

4. Upgrade your vans and planes!

- All vans and airplanes can upgrade pace, quantity, and gas tanks.

- Depending on characteristics, every truck and airplane could be upgraded to completely different ranges.

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