Fictions : Choose your emotions

Fictions : Choose your emotions

By Tictales

Fictions : Choose your emotionsFictions : Choose your emotionsFictions : Choose your emotionsFictions : Choose your emotionsFictions : Choose your emotionsFictions : Choose your emotions

When was the last time you had a recent begin ?

When was the final time you've pursue your dreams and made them truly happen? When was the final time you met your real love and fought to be able to get him? 

Make your own life decisions !

With Fictions - a special new recreation - you are in a position to do anything! You can begin an incredible journey and make life choices that will take you to locations you’ve by no means been to before!

Create your story with Fictions, an interactive story sport that permits you to select your feelings in every story.

Your selection can change the story! Experience romance, journey, thriller, drama, horror, and extra... Fictions is a new interactive story application that provides you the chance to create your own story! Every considered one of you gets the opportunity to make choices that just feel proper and create a narrative like no other - a story of your alternative life.

Fictions will give you the most effective collection of story games within the world!

The place for your beloved one franchises : Love Diaries, Heir of Love.

Find new amazing stories

✦ Fall in love, clear up crimes and embark on epic fantasy adventures

✦ Pick your story from our continually growing library with weekly chapter updates

✦ Control what happens next in immersive visual stories!

With Fictions, you can begin an incredible adventure and make life choices that may take you to locations you’ve by no means been to before!

Immerse your self with enjoyable interactive stories that can stir up your emotions, from romance to thriller!

Choose your story, and make the proper choices! Available stories:

Love Diaries : Ricardo

Love Diaries : Aaron - Saison 1-5.

Underlove Stories : Naomi

Heir of Love

Heir of Love : seven

Heir of Love : Jimmy

Chase me

Memory Hunter

12 signs of Love

AnticLove : Remake

AnticLove : Story of two sisters.


Choose your story, and make the best choices! Upcoming tales:

Love Diaries : Patrick - Season 3

Memory Hunter - Season 2

Love Diaries : Derek



RisingLovers saison 1-2

Intensive Care

Love Diaries : Ash - Saison 1-5.

Love Diaries : Damon

Love Diaries : Hayden

Love Diaries : Lucas

Love Diaries : Duncan - saison 1-2

Love Diaries : Michael - saison 1-2

The Winter Kiss

The Spring Kiss

Love Influencer

Summer Trip

Underlove-Stories : Fame

Prima Ballerina

And many more…

Lots of interactive story games with powerful selections and weekly updates!

Discover your true self by enjoying this game daily. Find out how you’d react in life-changing situations! See if the choices you make in the sport reflect your real life. Embark on a journey of self-discovery!

Don't underestimate the significance of making good choices. DOWNLOAD NOW! Enjoy Fictions, an interactive story game, and be taught more about yourself! Choose your story!

Fictions : Choose your story Features :

- You have full control of the story - your choices will make an influence.

- Multiple different characters you'll be able to work together with in different methods.

- Create your dream romance and love story.

- Find the proper steadiness between different genres of Romance, Drama, Horror, and Thriller. Choose your story!

- Enchanting realistic graphics, colors and sounds.

And so much more…

Don't waste a minute longer. DOWNLOAD NOW! Play Fictions, a model new interactive story game. Manage your profession, love life, and make new positive choices each day!

What’s your story? Play now to seek out out!

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