New Hot Blood Jianghu M

New Hot Blood Jianghu M

By HappyTukApp

New Hot Blood Jianghu MNew Hot Blood Jianghu MNew Hot Blood Jianghu MNew Hot Blood Jianghu MNew Hot Blood Jianghu MNew Hot Blood Jianghu M

New Hot-Blood Jianghu M, Closed Career is a model new debut!

The authentic comics are recreated! The good cell game model of the new hot-blooded rivers and lakes! The newest masterpiece of the unique team!

The function has been developed again! The legend of martial arts is ready so that you can challenge!

Six main occupations

Inheriting the six major occupations of the blood rivers and lakes collection, Knife, Sword, Gun, Bow, Medical, Break, each occupation can freely select male and female gender, The good and evil factions, the blood martial arts are ready for you to enter the arena!

Online PK Battle Mode

Whether you're a peace lover, a destroyer, or a justice The satan, the new hot-blooded Jianghu M could make you present your deep internal desires!

Peace, Justice, Massacre, Assassination and different modes, if you're a hero, act immediately!

Multiple System

Not only the basic copy and battle system of the Hot-blooded Jianghu collection, but additionally There are extra new Summoned Beasts, Constellation and Illustrated Books techniques, ready so that you simply can experience together!

『Classification Information』

※The content of this game entails sex (slight nudity), violence, digital love or marriage, and is assessed based on the sport software program classification administration method Supplementary stage 12.

※This recreation is a free game, but the game also provides paid services corresponding to the purchase of virtual game currency, gadgets, and so on. Please make appropriate consumption in accordance with your personal pursuits and skills.

※Please pay attention to the game time and avoid dependancy. Playing games for a really long time will easily have an effect on your work and relaxation, so you should relaxation and train reasonably.

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