Knights of Pen Paper  1

Knights of Pen Paper 1

By Paradox Interactive AB

Knights of Pen Paper  1Knights of Pen Paper  1Knights of Pen Paper  1Knights of Pen Paper  1Knights of Pen Paper  1Knights of Pen Paper  1Knights of Pen Paper  1

This is Role-Playing in its purest type. -- Kotaku-US

An indie turn-based retro fashion pixel-art RPG. I love each single a kind of adjectives. -- IGN

It’s clever, charming, customizable, and just about infinitely replayable. -- 148 apps

Set out on a grand adventure in this turn-based, retro fashion, pixel-art RPG, impressed by the great titles of the ninety's. This 1 version options an prolonged campaign, more dungeons to discover, new attacks to make use of in fight, and the Tavern – a place to retailer your adventurers.

Take on the roles of in-game players taking over the roles of their characters in a standard pen and paper RPG session within the final meta roleplaying expertise. As each the enjoying characters AND the dungeon master, gamers can select which battles to fight. Put collectively a bunch of monsters to make for a challenging fight and your efforts might be equally rewarded!

Choose from a quantity of lessons, similar to knights and mages, decide your characters to manage those lessons, like grandma or child brother, and tackle the a nice deal of quests, monsters, gadgets and equipment littered throughout Knights of Pen Paper 1 Edition. Blacksmiths, enchanters, mining, gathering, hidden treasures and a complete lot extra await, giving players a lot of room to personalize their gameplay expertise.

Don’t wait any longer, the Pen Paper world needs you!


The ultimate pen and paper RPG simulation experience

Put together your individual role-playing group complete with the sport master, the role-players and their respective classes

Fight and explore your means via a deadly fantasy world to defeat the dark mage

Level up and get your palms on extra gold to unlock epic items and kit for your party

As the game grasp, you can arrange the fights yourself and select how many monsters to battle

The 1 Edition consists of these all new options:

New dungeons to explore with monsters, traps, treasures, and powerful bosses

The Tavern, a place to stash heroes and switch out get together members

More options for characters to implement during battles, including more depth and variation to fights

Extended marketing campaign full of plenty of new content

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