Female Saga - Epic Adventure

Female Saga - Epic Adventure

By Ujoy Games

Female Saga - Epic AdventureFemale Saga - Epic AdventureFemale Saga - Epic AdventureFemale Saga - Epic AdventureFemale Saga - Epic AdventureFemale Saga - Epic AdventureFemale Saga - Epic Adventure

Pre-registration is In Progress!100% get the next rewards after the official launch:SSR Arthur, Gold Summon Voucher*10, Diamonds*500, Silver Hero Card*60, and Coin*1M

Are you prepared to meet the Fates?

Panilla Saga’s retro-style animation is a blast from the previous. Real-time and idle options enable you the liberty to play as you need, and daily rewards and battle bonuses maintain you in the struggle to keep away from wasting Panilla from the forces of darkness.


-One faucet to get ample rewards;

-Tactical auto battles;

-Nearly a hundred Heroes from 6 Factions;

-Unique and magical Artifacts;

-Fight alongside or against allies at the Guild;

-R-like exploration Mini video games;

-Personalized dreamland design;

-More special events


Eons ago, the Primordial God created an ocean. Where seeds of life budded and sprouted, the world of Panilla was fashioned.

The golden period shone as brilliantly because the sun excessive above the world. Panilla was an idyllic land, verdant and vigorous.

But the divine energy of Yggdrasil waned because the prosperity of Panilla grew. The world fell to chaos, and humanity grew to become wicked.

The peace was burned in the fires of war, and humankind begged the Gods for succor. The Gods marched to struggle, to face evil on the prophesized battlefield; the Land of Ragnarok.

The Continent of Panilla lies fractured. The Sage Stone of Lucelia has returned.

The Gears of Fate, have started to turn!

Join today and show that you're the hero you have been meant to be!

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