LOBELIA – Collective RPG

LOBELIA – Collective RPG

By Danbi Entertainment Co., Ltd.

LOBELIA – Collective RPGLOBELIA – Collective RPGLOBELIA – Collective RPGLOBELIA – Collective RPGLOBELIA – Collective RPGLOBELIA – Collective RPGLOBELIA – Collective RPG

Let's start your journey to search out the prince which has a worth on him, summoner varied epic heroes.

There is a conspiracy and hidden fact epic story in it...

Look for the hidden truth with your heroes in Classic Collective roleplay RPG 'Lobelia'.

● Absorbing lobelia epic story and mystery

Story, accidently going through super evil enemies,

solo leveling by looking enemies and variou BOSS raid

summoner varied epic heroes, problem raid along with your team

Welcome to the world of Lobelia.

● Full 3D Graphics

Adorable and unique heroes,

various epic story, woderful anime graphics.

● Mage Tower

Exploring the wizard's epic challenge your limits within the Mage Tower,

and improve your heroes medal more powerful!

● Super Fight

enjoy 16 vs sixteen Real-Time battle, overwhelm an opponent with your highly effective heroes!

Write your personal epic story!

● Competitive

Who will be the No.1 hero?

4 vs 4 strategic battle,

Be a best mercenaries in world!

● World Boss raid

World Boss, threatening the Lobelia.

challennge varied boss raid with your personal combination

raid world boss together with your excessive medal heroes!

● Guild Raid

Greatest battle along with your guild memebers!

Unite collectively to begin the large raid!

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