Sengoku Legend: Uprising

Sengoku Legend: Uprising


Sengoku Legend: UprisingSengoku Legend: UprisingSengoku Legend: UprisingSengoku Legend: UprisingSengoku Legend: UprisingSengoku Legend: UprisingSengoku Legend: Uprising

Game Introduction

Sengoku Legend: Uprising is the favored empire constructing strategy RPG with over 1 million downloads! Recruit legendary warriors, court famous beauties, and become a legend on this time of turmoil and opportunity!

Real History, Your Legend

The time when generals marked their names in historical past and shook the world — the well-known Sengoku interval.

As the authority of the Ashikaga Shogunate waned, the Daimyos rose to prominence and fought for management of Japan.

To broaden their territory, the Daimyos launched countless battles throughout the land. It was a time of turmoil where legends have been made.

But this story is not in regards to the ones within the historical past books.

This is YOUR story. This is your rise to power; your journey to unite Japan.

An Empire Building Historical Strategy RPG

Become a robust Daimyo and struggle alongside Japan's greatest warriors to alter the course of history.

Train your loyal retainers into mighty generals to lead your armies. Court and marry famous Sengoku beauties to broaden your influence and lineage!

You can experience all the famous battles of the Sengoku interval, manage your metropolis's affairs and expand your influence, and be part of Alliance wars to participate in epic clashes of power. There's an endless quantity of things to do!

Explore the revolutionary systems that promote comradery with other players, like arranging marriages on your heirs with heirs of other gamers and holding great banquets.

・Vertical display screen orientation so you'll be able to play with only one hand.

・Recruit all the legendary warriors of Sengoku to your clan's banner!

・Strengthen your Retainers to lead your armies to victory.

・Meet beauties in numerous places of interest and court them with items and displays of energy.

・Show affection to your lovers and be blessed with an heir. Raise them into worthy successors!

・Arrange marriages for your heirs to ascertain necessary alliances!

・Form alliances with other gamers and conquer together!

・Battle gamers from different servers and climb to the top!

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