Sudoku 2Go Free

Sudoku 2Go Free

By App2Go

Sudoku 2Go FreeSudoku 2Go FreeSudoku 2Go FreeSudoku 2Go FreeSudoku 2Go FreeSudoku 2Go FreeSudoku 2Go Free

Sudoku 2Go with 10'000 puzzles, 10 totally different variants, 5 levels of problem and a world-class trace engine. All the Sudoku you will ever need!

In addition to the standard Sudoku puzzles it presents these Sudoku variants:

- X-Sudoku

- Hyper-Sudoku

- Percent-Sudoku

- Color-Sudoku

- Squiggly Sudoku (a.k.a. Jigsaw Sudoku) and combos thereof (e.g. Sudoku-X with jigsaw regions)


- 10 totally different game variations

- 5 ranges of problem per recreation variation

- 200 puzzles per game variation and difficulty level

- Puzzle timer

- Auto-save

- Statistics

- Cell highlighting

- Undo/redo


- Storage: this permission is used to store/retrieve the Sudoku puzzles in play

- Network Communication: this permission is used by advert networks to retrieve ads

- Billing: this permission is required to supply the chance for to remove adverts utilizing an in-app purchase

Hint Engine:

- Full House

- Hidden Single

- Hidden Subset (Pair, Triple Quad)

- Naked Single

- Naked Subset (Pair, Triple Quad)

- Locked Candidates (Pointing Claiming)

- X-Wing (Regular, Finned Sashimi)

- Swordfish (Regular, Finned Sashimi)

- Jellyfish (Regular, Finned Sashimi)


- W-Wing

- Almost Locked Candidates (Pair, Triple Quad)

- Avoidable Rectangle (type 1 2)

- Hidden Unique Rectangle

- Uniqueness Test (type 1, 2, 3, 4 5)

- BUG 1, BUG 2, BUG 3 and BUG 4

- Aligned Pair Triple Exclusion

- Sue de Coq


- Remote Pairs

- Bidirectional Cycles

- Forcing X-Chains

- Forcing XY-Chains

- Nishio Forcing Chains

- Double Forcing Chains

- Contradiction Forcing Chains

- Region Forcing Chains

- Cell Forcing Chains

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