Santa #39;s Holiday (Full)

Santa #39;s Holiday (Full)

By Green Sauce Games

Santa #39;s Holiday (Full)Santa #39;s Holiday (Full)Santa #39;s Holiday (Full)Santa #39;s Holiday (Full)Santa #39;s Holiday (Full)Santa #39;s Holiday (Full)Santa #39;s Holiday (Full)

Sleighbells are ringing and Christmas is across the nook, however Santa has gone on vacation! Your help is urgently needed to make Christmas still happen. Help Nina and Elfin spread the enjoyment of the vacations to all corners of the world. Prepare to match your way by way of the magical world of Christmas. Enjoy addictive gameplay as you earn cash to embellish Santa's house with festive ornaments. Use helpful power-ups to beat the tricky ranges. And enjoy the season's spirit in this marvelous match 3 adventure.

- Get into the Christmas spirit with this charming match-3 game

- Collect gold and purchase beautiful Christmas decorations

- Put your adorning skills to the test

- Choose the sport difficulty to match your mood

- Tons of hand-made levels full of challenge

- Tricky obstacles await

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