Mio, the Robot

Mio, the Robot

By Clementoni S.p.A.

Mio, the RobotMio, the RobotMio, the RobotMio, the RobotMio, the RobotMio, the RobotMio, the Robot

Mio, the Robot is the proper software to introduce you to the world of robotics and programming in a simple and fun way.

Thanks to the microphone, infrared sensors and many difficult play actions, this robot will flip into your inseparable good friend.

The app will allow you to play with the robotic in two alternative ways:


In this section, you'll find a way to command the robot in real time as when you had been using a remote control. Mio, the Robot will faithfully execute all your instructions (movements, sounds, light effects).


In this area, you'll find a way to organize commands in sequence, creating actual programming strings and even add situations. This will allow you to to train your logical skills and problem-solving expertise.

The app’s graphics are designed for being consumer friendly and for being used without any issue and intuitively by children older than 8 years.

The app communicates with the robotic thanks to high-frequency sounds that are associated with commands. Being scarcely audible, the communication will appear to be magical!

Thanks to the microphone, the robotic can hear these sort of sounds, decode them with none difficulty, after which execute the corresponding commands.

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