Cursor The Virus Hunter (3D)

Cursor The Virus Hunter (3D)

By Cogoo Inc.

Cursor The Virus Hunter (3D)Cursor The Virus Hunter (3D)Cursor The Virus Hunter (3D)Cursor The Virus Hunter (3D)Cursor The Virus Hunter (3D)Cursor The Virus Hunter (3D)Cursor The Virus Hunter (3D)

Dedicated to all the computer geeks out there


Your pc has a virus. To save your information and produce operation again to regular, you should use the mouse cursor to hunt down the digital an infection. If you fail, the system will shut down and all is lost.


New Update 1.40

- 15 all new cursors added.

- 10 more viruses to seize.

- 35 new missions.

- More comfortable to play.

- Super easier control and less errors.

- Bug fix. Tutorial, Achievement, etc.


Game Concept

A virus has been detected and you should eradicate it as quickly as potential in this retro-style arcade expertise. Your greatest pal, Cursor, will help pursue and destroy each software program contaminant. Just faucet and hold to ‘fly’ the arrow-shaped navigation upwards and launch to maneuver downward on the display screen. Removing a number of bug-type elements very quickly, i.e., a combo, causes Cursor to become larger and bigger. Achieve Super Cursor status to wipe out all of the pestilent and corrupted items super quick.


What Makes it Fun?

The simple, basic arcade shooter gameplay is applied to a uniquely enjoyable theme, the erasure of a viral intrusion on a private computer utilizing the mouse cursor in a fighter jet fashion.


For Gamers That

Enjoy action-packed engagements, together with explosions

Prefer a single, simple objective and score-based competition

Want an activity appropriate for satisfying brief and long periods

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