Mini Skull-Pixel Adventure RPG

Mini Skull-Pixel Adventure RPG

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Mini Skull-Pixel Adventure RPGMini Skull-Pixel Adventure RPGMini Skull-Pixel Adventure RPGMini Skull-Pixel Adventure RPGMini Skull-Pixel Adventure RPGMini Skull-Pixel Adventure RPGMini Skull-Pixel Adventure RPG

Morning is here. Sunshine beams down. A lonely mini cranium lays peacefully in his bed.

To stand up or to sleep for an additional while?

Mini skull falls right into a dilemma…

Midnight comes. Darkness falls upon him. A dreadful earthly python slithers his way.

To fight or to flee?

Mini skull falls into one other dilemma…

You’ve got endless choices to make throughout your journey. Each of your selections will deliver out utterly completely different stories and endings. Are you ready for it?

▶What’s the game?

An journey recreation with an interactive storyline.

A informal RPG with an exciting pixel art journey.

▶What’s the story?

You are a mini skull craving to become a hero. One ordinary morning, you finally made up your mind to take your first step on an unknown journey. For what?


Reality is all the time crueler than expected. Fearsome danger and countless challenges at all times block your method. All you are able to do is to confront it and fight! But after all, you will also encounter many beautiful objects and different people that will comfort your lonely heart.

▶What makes the sport special?

Endings are numerous and unsure. Each of your choice will write you a novel story.

Unparalleled journey experience diverse adventure scenarios.

Exciting battles and a limiteless upgrading expertise.

Puzzle, PVE, Guessing……Endless unexpected occasions and little video games will never allow you to turn into bored!

What difficult sufferings would possibly you meet and what great achievements may youachieve?

Start your journey journey now and check your unique ending!


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