Lord of Wizards

Lord of Wizards

By JYSGames

Lord of WizardsLord of WizardsLord of WizardsLord of WizardsLord of WizardsLord of WizardsLord of Wizards

Lord of Wizards is a fantasy idle game comprising RPG, technique, and exploration elements. Here you'll be able to research magic, craft gear, progress phases as you see fit, or idle for rewards. Come and embark on your own magical journey.

Start by choosing your path: Focus on fireplace should you choose burning your enemies into a crisp, lightning if you want to electrocute them, or ice in case your fridge has damaged down.

Naturally, as you start an infant, there's a lot you want to be taught:

— Farm Caterpillars

— Train Your Body

— Master Tons of Spells

— Ponder Upon Strategies

— Explore the Vast World

— Craft Advance Gear

Choose to freely explore a world of magic or practice hard to turn into the strongest wizard of all. The alternative is yours!

All we hope is that you would be all experience the magic and surprise of Lord of Wizards!

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