Is the Witch in Love?

Is the Witch in Love?

By Slim Cricket

Is the Witch in Love?Is the Witch in Love?Is the Witch in Love?Is the Witch in Love?Is the Witch in Love?Is the Witch in Love?Is the Witch in Love?

“Is the Witch in Love?” is a subtle mix of story, games and cartoons.

Discover --- or rediscover --- “The Witch with No Name” in a model new interactive journey full of emotion and magic.

------------------------ (95/100):

What we appreciated: the story. Beautiful, vibrant illustrations and animations. Overall quality of the app

A cute little book/app mashup that may get you enthusiastic about reading.

Using the tablet’s entrance digicam, you probably can project your picture to the Magic Mirror. It adds a bit of excitement whenever you play with the app.


The witch thinks she’s in love with the good-looking and famous sorcerer Merlinor. She goals of being invited to the massive party that he throws every year for Halloween. Despite the advice of her trustworthy bat-friend, Batina, she decides to do everything she will to allure Merlinor: change her appearance, swap her outdated broomstick for a deluxe mannequin and even learn good manners.

But will that be enough to charm Merlinor?

Is she proper to alter in order to make him fall for her?

Will her true love be the one we think?

To discover out, take off for this new adventure and assist out the witch!

You will have the ability to learn, learn and play all on the similar time :

* Put a magic puzzle back together again

* Sharpen your sense of statement with a designer game in Lagerspell‘s boutique

* Test your reflexes as a driver in a Ferraci broomstick race

* Test your memory with Mummily Manners’s recreation of etiquette

* Keep you cool in a great battle of magic spells

* Touching, sliding, shaking and lots of other methods for you to take an energetic half in the story . . .

Choose the difficulty degree of the video games.

Use the digicam and gyroscope in a new way!

Enjoy this magical expertise on a tablet or smartphone.

There’s a shock for you at the end of the story . . .


* 24 interactive 3D pages

* 6 games

* 3 issue levels

* Available in French and English versions

* half-hour of fun

* 2 play modes: Read to me or Read by myself

* 4 challenges to complete so as to unlock a 'shock' game

* Wonderfully-illustrated with humorous and colorful characters

* Reading pleasure improved by the invention of quite a few interactive elements

* Original musical score


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