Fish - Be the fish king

Fish - Be the fish king

By Whitedot

Fish - Be the fish kingFish - Be the fish kingFish - Be the fish kingFish - Be the fish kingFish - Be the fish kingFish - Be the fish kingFish - Be the fish king

Come back! King of the Sea! Your folks need your leadership!

Collect homeless fish, swallow your opponent's group, turn out to be the most important school of fish on the earth, and rule the underwater kingdom!

Play match, expand your shoal of fish, crush opponents!

Survival mode, collect the gems, evade the sharks as long as you can!

Mini game, brainstorm, pull the pins, save the little fish!

Call your family and associates to expertise it together!

Game Features:

- Simple and addictive gameplay: Move your fish and acquire extra companions to be stronger!

- Conquer your rival, occupy their companions to be the largest one in the battleground!

- Combine two fish to unlock new species, they're stronger and faster!

- Collect more unbelievable fishes to be the best fish master!

Can you be the last survival in the ocean? Let's battle!

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