Magic Alchemist Shuffle

Magic Alchemist Shuffle


Magic Alchemist ShuffleMagic Alchemist ShuffleMagic Alchemist ShuffleMagic Alchemist ShuffleMagic Alchemist ShuffleMagic Alchemist ShuffleMagic Alchemist Shuffle

It was a beautiful clear evening ...

when suddenly the stars vanished.

The Magic Alchemist and his little cat Precious face their biggest challenge! Will you help them to recreate all of the constellations? For this function you need some magic and a sensible thoughts.

Magic Alchemist Shuffle begins with a starless sky and all 88 constellations have to be restored. To reach this twinkling goal the essence of many magical Imago will be required.

* Merge similar items by shifting them to realize their essence.

* Fill the magic vessels with the essence of Imago.

* Use numerous extras similar to exploding fireballs, unfathomable water or colourful butterflies.

* Thieving fairies, magical locks, rotating vortexes and sparkling diamonds will challenge your technique.

* Over 1600 ranges with more than 800 stars and all identified 88 constellations ( 2 extra mysterious constellations).

* The first 32 constellations which means greater than 600 levels, are completely at no cost to play and grand weeks of fun.

* Enjoy the view of your nightly sky! For all your restored constellations, you'll be able to present their latin or english names in addition to the constellation strains.

* Get to know a little cat with extraordinary poetic talent that may have some unhealthy habits, too.

* If you want, share your highscores with different players in your country and around the world.

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