Battle Hordes - Idle Kings

Battle Hordes - Idle Kings


Battle Hordes - Idle KingsBattle Hordes - Idle KingsBattle Hordes - Idle KingsBattle Hordes - Idle KingsBattle Hordes - Idle KingsBattle Hordes - Idle Kings


Grow into a strong KING in BATTLE HORDES, the fun medieval idle game! You begin as a rely, managing your production lines while your subjects create priceless goods. Sell these items and watch as GOLD begins piling up in your treasury - even while you’re offline! Use your wealth to construct a prosperous empire and increase your realm by unlocking new kingdoms.
Time to turn into the greatest and wealthiest ruler of the Middle Ages!


Oversee supply lines and manufacturing and ensure everything works easily. 
Invest in new expertise to beat shortages and enhance your income!
In BATTLE HORDES you will have to distribute your gold correctly and try for max effectivity to make your empire grow.
Be resourceful and sensible and lead your topics into a golden age of prosperity!


Wheat is grown on your farms, processed into flour and used to bake bread.
But producing extra wheat than necessary will create unwanted stockpiles in your hold. Instead of sitting in your natural resources you probably can resolve to sell them immediately or improve the capacity of your medieval processing sites. Be smart about balancing your manufacturing and cut the best deal to assemble as much gold as possible!
The extra gold you receive the richer and more influential you turn out to be in BATTLE HORDES!


You are busy and unable to play IDLE KINGS? Don’t worry, your subjects are working nonetheless!
The amount of riches in your treasury is rising constantly even while you’re not actively exploring the Middle Ages.
As soon as you begin the sport you'll obtain an immense quantity of gold to invest and further enhance your kingdom!
Be a smart ruler and use your gold to your advantage.


Your affect in the Middle Ages grows with each step you take: Expand your territory to surrounding provinces, which give you the alternative to supply new exciting items. Become recognized in every corner of the kingdom!

And should the actualization of your plans take somewhat too long: how a couple of time jump? In BATTLE HORDES the long run is just one klick away.

Become an excellent KING and create a affluent and flourishing empire!
Lush meadows, historic buildings and many fun are waiting for you within the Middle Ages with BATTLE HORDES!

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