Checkers Online - Dama

Checkers Online - Dama

By DonkeyCat GmbH

Checkers Online - DamaCheckers Online - DamaCheckers Online - DamaCheckers Online - DamaCheckers Online - DamaCheckers Online - DamaCheckers Online - DamaCheckers Online - DamaCheckers Online - DamaCheckers Online - DamaCheckers Online - DamaCheckers Online - Dama

Play the basic board recreation Checkers also called Draughts or Dama offline and on-line in opposition to many Checkers players worldwide. Join the Checkers on-line strategy recreation now.

Online multiplayer

Play Dama online towards players all over the world.

Offline multiplayer

Play Draughts in offline mode towards your friend on one gadget.

Computer opponents

Improve your technique and follow Dama offline. Play in opposition to three totally different laptop opponents offline.


Compare your Score and your game statistics with different Draught gamers.

Rule sets

American Checkers ?

German Draughts ?

Czech Dama ?


Join the Checkers group, chat with players, discover new friends and focus on your strategy.


Chat with Dama players with the in-app messenger. Send emojis and make new pals that share the same ardour for Draughts and board video games.

✔️ Start proper away

No login essential, just enjoy the classic board game Draughts without detours.

Draughts is an easy to be taught multiplayer strategy board game, a traditional sport a half of every sport assortment. Challenge Checkers gamers around the globe and play Dama on-line with totally different rule units. The App supports Checkers variants like American Dama, German Dama and Czech Draughts.

If you're a beginner and haven't got a method yet. You can start with coaching towards the Computer earlier than you enter the difficult world of Checkers online.

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