Chess-wise — play online chess

Chess-wise — play online chess

By Marcel Nijman

Chess-wise — play online chessChess-wise — play online chessChess-wise — play online chessChess-wise — play online chess

Playing chess with Chess-wise is extra than simply making strikes. Chess-wise contains many options not present in different chess apps:

Play a game.

Play both in opposition to the engine, or in opposition to another person.

FICS Multi

Play on-line at FICS (with over a hundred gamers obtainable at any time) or turn-by-turn on the Multi recreation server.

Annotate a sport.

Add comments and side-lines to a game.

Game databases.

Play via grandmaster chess video games.

Browse the opening book.

See which opening lines are in style.

Endgame tablebases.

Play the endgames perfectly.


Try to unravel the chess puzzles with out utilizing a touch.

Player index.

Check out the player data of hundreds of grandmasters.

Regular updates will ensure that Chess-wise will keep the most effective free chess app for Android.

Please ship your questions and feature requests to: [email protected]

If you discover a bug, please let us know at: [email protected]


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