Idle Knife: Slash The Fruits

Idle Knife: Slash The Fruits

By VGames Studios

Idle Knife: Slash The FruitsIdle Knife: Slash The FruitsIdle Knife: Slash The FruitsIdle Knife: Slash The FruitsIdle Knife: Slash The FruitsIdle Knife: Slash The FruitsIdle Knife: Slash The Fruits

Tired of throwing knives on to these logs? Download Idle Knife: Slash The Fruits, a new countless idle sport with knives throwing fruits slashing!

Idle Knife: Slash The Fruits is a model new hyper casual idle sport with unique design! You can throw knives to the fruits, pizzas, donuts,.. and minimize them into items.

Idle Knife: Slash The Fruits is not your usual countless idle clicker sport. You can upgrade to shoot knives mechanically, or tap to throw, or use boosters.

Idle Knife: Slash The Fruits has not only knives. There are Rockets, Shurikens, Saws, Scissors, Forks, and more!

Idle Knife: Slash The Fruits can even present coins with out having to play! Just improve the Offline bonus and it'll accumulate extra cash as time cross. Login to the sport to gather it!

Idle Knife: Slash The Fruits is a straightforward and simple fruit chopping recreation. Tap on the display screen to throw knives to cut the fruits and meals. Each hit will lower the fruit's shield bar if there is. Then every knife will start slicing the fruits. You will complete the challenge by the time the fruit is cut into smallest piece!

Idle Knife: Slash The Fruits is a also very difficult hyper casual sport. The higher the level, the more durable the fruit shield be. Upgrade your knives energy, quantity to get a stronger hit. Utilize the bonus and special reward on every leveling to slash the fruit faster.

Idle Knife: Slash The Fruits also has many particular expertise to make use of. Each particular knife has a its personal talent. The Big Knife will deal lots of harm. The Fork can cut the fruit in a rectangle form. Chainsaw can cut deep within the fruit. Scissors can minimize the fruit a number of times. Shuriken can reduce the fruit from completely different angles. The final Four Knives can slash the fruit in a method out of your imagination!

Login to social community to see who's on top and surpass them gradually!

FEATURES of Idle Knife: Slash The Fruits

- Idle sport, simple to play, no particular expertise wanted.

- Hyper casual game, fast play and no internet required!

- 6 different knives with completely different skills

- Over 100 levels

- Featuring all types of juicy fruits: apple, orange, pine apple, melons,...

- Did I overlook to mention food? Pizza, Donut, Egg, and more

- Special effects when slicing the fruits

- Free

HOW TO PLAY Idle Knife: Slash The Fruits

- Tap on display to throw a knife at random point

- Or improve the skills to routinely throw knives on the fruits

- Use the objects to extend your injury significantly!

Slash all the fruits with Idle Knife: Slash The Fruits!


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Idle Knife is a hyper informal idle recreation created by VGAMES. Visit us for extra video games:

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