Ballerburg - Atari 80s Retrogame

Ballerburg - Atari 80s Retrogame

By DonkeyCat GmbH

Ballerburg - Atari 80s RetrogameBallerburg - Atari 80s RetrogameBallerburg - Atari 80s RetrogameBallerburg - Atari 80s RetrogameBallerburg - Atari 80s RetrogameBallerburg - Atari 80s RetrogameBallerburg - Atari 80s Retrogame

The mother of artillery video games is back: the well-known Eighties Atari ST sport Ballerburg!

Beat the citadel on the other aspect of the mountain!

- Single participant towards 7 computer opponents in numerous skill levels and stlye

- Run your kingdoms economic system correctly to realize valuable resources on your battle

- Graphics and Sound in retro style, as 25 in the past on the Atari ST

Ballerburg proves that simple game ideas are also the best. Two castles, a mountain - and cannons. Beat the enemy kingdoms citadel by hitting its properly guarded king. For each cannon shoot, angle and quantity of used gunpowder must be adjusted wisely. Changing wind and the very fact, that cannonballs and gunpowder are restricted resources make the battle much more fascinating. As the personal inhabitants are paying taxes, this cash can be utilized to rebuild cannons and walls or buy gunpowder, cannons and derricks. But do not tax them an excessive amount of, otherwise your people might join your opponent.

Now, all those who have been addicted to Ballerburg many years ago can play the cult classic on their Smartphones - with out having to get their outdated Ataris from attic. And the feeling would be the similar as again then: we tried to get as near the unique version by Eckard Kruse as attainable, which means graphics, sound and gameplay - identical as 30 years ago.

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