Takorita Meets Fries

Takorita Meets Fries


Takorita Meets FriesTakorita Meets FriesTakorita Meets FriesTakorita Meets FriesTakorita Meets FriesTakorita Meets FriesTakorita Meets Fries


Takorita Meets Fries is a visual novel which is telling about love for fries.

The game is brief and mainly unvoiced, but full with fun animated characters.

Especially the merman Mer, since he can't converse while he's on the land, most of his reaction can be animated physique language.

It's not an otome game however there are scenes with a bit BL-ish, Yuri-ish, or romance nuance.

The game is made using Unity3D and Utage VN assets.

You can change the language within the Options menu.


In Tako Kingdom, deep underneath the sea, soup is an on a daily basis, frequent meal.

Princess Takorita is deeply dissatisfied with this meals culture and calls for a model new dish which may spice up her life.

She decides to go up to the land together with the merman Mer as her guard.

On the land, Princess Takorita meets the humans Dino and Ina.

The tradition differences significantly surprise the princess.

Then, finally, she has her fated encounter with the french fries.

...Is that all?

No, that is not all! French fries might look simple, however there's more to it.

Princess Takorita continues her adventure to make the fries increasingly tasty!

Her journey is much from over.

Even finding her long-lost grandfather is simply a small a half of her journey.


A lot of animated characters.

Mostly all interfaces are animated as nicely.

4 routes, 3 endings with 1 bonus epilogue.

Fun teasing occasions

Fries footage in all places

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