Exploring the Spirit

Exploring the Spirit

By JYSGames

Exploring the SpiritExploring the SpiritExploring the SpiritExploring the SpiritExploring the SpiritExploring the SpiritExploring the Spirit


Spirit Detective is an interactive game with 12 key clues and 20 endings. At the start of the story, you will be given a compass, via which you'll detect the spirits round you and summon the spirits to the avatar. Through dialogue with the spirit physique, and the spirit body recalling the memory to experience the encounter at that time, you can have completely different selections. If you choose accurately, you'll change the ending of the spirit body, but should you select the mistaken one, you will turn out to be that spirit body and be trapped Reincarnation, are you ready?

==Game background==

Have you ever performed a supernatural game?

Can the pen fairy actually appeal to spirits?

Is it actually omniscient?

Who is the extra particular person within the four-corner game?

Most people are curious concerning the unknown, however many individuals who have tried it hold it a secret and by no means mention it.

What the human eye sees is three-dimensional space, what in regards to the world that can not be analyzed by the human eye and the brain?

An unexpectedly obtained spirit compass will summon spirits from different worlds for you.

Are the phrases of the spirit physique credible?

Is there a hazard in channeling?

What is on the opposite side of the screen?

Keep in mind:

With every alternative, there is a danger of being caught in an unknown danger.

Choose is dangerous, please be cautious when deciding.

Curiosity will really kill the cat...

==Game Features==

* Immersive sound effects, do not let it go at night time Individuals cover in bed and listen

* 20 totally different endings, one mistaken move could lead to doom

* Face-to-face immersive expertise, watch out to fall too deep into the spirit physique Possession

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