Monster Adventures

Monster Adventures

By Foursaken Media

Monster AdventuresMonster AdventuresMonster AdventuresMonster AdventuresMonster AdventuresMonster AdventuresMonster Adventures

Monster Adventures brings an all new blend of monster catching and action/RPG gameplay to the Play Store! Catch, create and customize your personal unique monsters whereas uncovering an interesting story. Journey deep into the wilderness to complete quests, discover loot, and level-up your monsters. Then battle monsters in the famend monster coliseum!

“Monster Adventures is a great action-RPG that you simply want to check out.”

4.5/5 –

“The best means I can suppose to clarify my ideas on Monster Adventures is thus: this game has been getting in the finest way of my job. I’ve forsaken using different apps and taking part in other video games for this. When I’m not enjoying it I’m excited about enjoying it. I’ve virtually drained my device – then recharged it, then drained it once more – on a quantity of occasions. Yes, it’s simply that nice.”

4.5/5 –

“While most devs are making shallow runners and physics video games, Foursaken has gone deep with this hardcore monster catching game. Time will fly by as you battle to catch rare monsters and delve deeper into every territory.”

96/100 –

“Monster Adventures is a beautiful journey title with some huge ideas.”

4/5 –


• A seamless blend of rogue-like adventuring, monster catching, creation, and role-playing elements!

• Create your individual monsters!

• Catch enemies and be taught their abilities!

• Complete an interesting single player marketing campaign, offering hours of gameplay!

• Find gadgets and loot deep in the wilderness!

• Rogue-like gameplay: the deeper into the wilderness you go, the higher loot you find! Be careful, although - if you fall, you will come back empty handed!

• RPG parts: level-up your monster, find and buy gadgets, and more!

• Embark on quests and complete quite a lot of challenges!

• Battle other monsters in the Monster Games arena!

• A number of customizable management schemes, from normal dual stick, to auto attack, to one-handed, and more!

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