Disaster Of Animal

Disaster Of Animal

By Infinite Information Technology CO., Limited

Disaster Of AnimalDisaster Of AnimalDisaster Of AnimalDisaster Of AnimalDisaster Of AnimalDisaster Of AnimalDisaster Of Animal

Welcome to the world of Disaster Of Animal!

You can learn to control completely different heroes:

If you battle to the end alone, you can also change your identity!

Each hero has totally different survivability!

A lone hero? You resolve:

In Disaster Of Animal, we've a strong companion for you!

Different pets have totally different highly effective abilities! And it's going to act immediately on you.

Of course, this requires your hero to be strong enough to control, attempt to upgrade the hero!

Hero Talents:

Are you apprehensive about whether you probably can battle to the end?

Don't fear, you should use gold cash to purchase talents you suppose are powerful earlier than the battle. But the price will gradually increase, so use it rationally!

Brave Games:

In Disaster Of Animal, you will have the chance to see every kind of mutant creatures in several environments, protect yourself!

They are not polite, there are enemies on all sides, how will you escape of the encirclement?

Collect expertise from defeated monsters, you need to have agile positioning, in any other case you'll lose everything!

Hero Supply:

1. In the damaging battlefield of Disaster Of Animal, we offer more than 50 talents for you to choose, however you'll be able to only carry as much as 12!

2. Skills are divided into attack sort and talent sort, and every skill can reach up to level 8!

3. Attack-type skills can use various assault methods to defeat monsters, while ability-type abilities solely enhance the attributes of heroes.

4. When one attacking skill and one ability ability reach level 8 at the similar time, the bond will be triggered and become a super skill!

Trial of Kings:

When you develop up to be adequate in Disaster Of Animal, we've prepared a trial land for you to enter!

Similar to the battles you may have experienced earlier than, defeat the ultimate boss and you will be rewarded handsomely.

Don't let your guard down! We are ready on your triumph!

Come to Disaster Of Animal to put in writing your personal heroic epic!

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