Chefclub - Anyone can be chef!

Chefclub - Anyone can be chef!

By Chefclub

Chefclub - Anyone can be chef!Chefclub - Anyone can be chef!Chefclub - Anyone can be chef!Chefclub - Anyone can be chef!

Chefclub already has over 90 million followers on social media, and now it’s your turn to find out why! We make extraordinary recipes with ordinary components that anybody can make! Maybe you've seen our famous cheese pulls in your Facebook feed or our Burger in Fries on Tiktok, however with our app you will get insider entry to your whole favorite Chefclub meals moments.

This app brings Chefclub movies to life!

* Find recipes and videos for each of our 5 themes: Original, Cocktails, Light Fun, Kids, and Daily.

* Participate in weekly cooking challenges for both children and adults with exciting prizes for cooking lovers.

* Share your recipe creations with our community and exchange advice and cooking ideas with different customers.

* Access ingredient lists and easy-to-follow recipes that let you recreate Chefclub videos in your kitchen.

* Save your favourite recipes for later.

* Search for recipes by identify and keyword

* Find all of the recipes that correspond to your Chefclub cookbooks thanks to the useful QR scanner!

Join the Chefclub Community!

We're proud that our group of 70 comes from all all over the world to work at our Paris workplace. Every day we try to deliver EATertainment into your lives, and we hope this app does just that. Everything we do is because of you, your feedback, messages, and comments matter a lot to us. We love how dedicated and devoted the Chefclub community is, so never hesitate to offer us suggestions, we're all the time right here to listen!

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