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Short on time?

Running out of groceries and there isn't any one to get them for you?

Craving a meal and may't get the missing ingredients?

Movie evening in need of snacks?

Nana has you covered

Download the app and we're on our way

Who's Nana?

Nana is there whenever you need it most

It's there to help you in your time of need.

Need speed? you've got received Nana Express, your quickest repair on your day by day grocery needs inside 15mins

Want to order your weekly or monthly groceries? Nana Hyper takes all the effort away with greater than 20,000 products

Where are we?

Nana is available in Saudia Arabia Egypt

Why Nana?

Our shoppers are pros! They hand pick the most effective products for you

Pay the greatest way that fits you most, cash or online

Schedule your supply the method in which you want, so long as your comfortable

All that... in a single app

*Yes we're one app, but you would possibly sense slightly difference in our interface relying on the place you live