Dr. Nutrition

Dr. Nutrition

By penli

Dr. NutritionDr. NutritionDr. NutritionDr. NutritionDr. Nutrition

Thanks for choose Dr. Nutrition as your professional daily vitamin mate monitor. You can discover not solely weight with

Dr. Nutrition.

Weight Part

1, 0.1 seconds quick connection on weights and items mode

2,one thousand sorts of foods listing in primary database

3, vitamin facts : Calories , Protein, Fat , Cholesterol, Carbohydrate, Fiber, Sodium

Saving Record

1, each measurement if you wanna save

2, selecting completely different measurements sum count save

3, calendar selection by per day

Database Update

1, Manually add the foods name and vitamin reality into database and future measurements can simply chosen the

foods identify to take measurements on totally different weight nutrition information.

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