GST Calculator

GST Calculator

By Deepak Kulkarni

GST CalculatorGST CalculatorGST CalculatorGST CalculatorGST Calculator

Simple but powerful useful GST calculator software with easy to use interface. It allows you to shortly calculate GST tax charges. Simply enter the Initial Amount of transaction and the GST rate and get the outcomes immediately.

A multinational calculator includes other utilities like Discount Calculator, Percentage Calculator and Profit Loss Calculator.

Key Features

• Include or Exclude GST from initial amount on single touch of button

• Calculate CGST and SGST

• Pre-provided tax charges 3%, 5%, 12%, 18% 28%

• Customize Pre-provided tax rates as per your country/state

• Calculate the GST and last quantity on the go collectively with different mathematical calculations

• GST historical past is on the market to trace all GST transactions

Other Utilities

Percentage Calculator:

• what x % of y

• x is what % of y

• Percentage increase/decrease

• Percentage change difference

• Fraction to proportion its decimal equivalent

• Calculate Markup proportion, Margin proportion whole profit based on value promoting price

Discount Calculator:

• Calculate confirm discounts rapidly on unique worth

• Find out how a lot you save for an item

Shows Amount in Words on click of whole amount value


• Choose your favorite theme.

• Set number of decimal places

• Set quantity format. Indian or Western.

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