Flooz: NFTs Crypto Wallet

Flooz: NFTs Crypto Wallet

By Flooz Inc.

Flooz: NFTs Crypto WalletFlooz: NFTs Crypto WalletFlooz: NFTs Crypto WalletFlooz: NFTs Crypto WalletFlooz: NFTs Crypto WalletFlooz: NFTs Crypto WalletFlooz: NFTs Crypto Wallet

Flooz is the best app so that you just can get began with web3, crypto-currencies, and NFTs! It’s the easy means to buy, trade, send and handle any crypto assets.

It works for any fungible or non-fungible token (NFTs) on Ethereum, Polygon (Matic), and the Binance Smart Chain.


Flooz is a non-custodial pockets. It’s a flowery time period to describe that you have got full management over your property. Unlike different financial institutions, we can't entry your funds at any time. This additionally means that you're answerable for keeping your passwords (in web3 it’s called a seed phrase) protected and safe at all times. Losing your seed phrase = dropping entry to your belongings. We advocate you shield all of your assets with further passwords and biometric authentication (touchID or FaceID).


From creating your free wallet to adding cash by way of Apple Pay or bank card to sending tokens internationally, to swapping one token for an additional one - everything simply works and is lightning fast!


Flooz empowers you to

↳ Buy any crypto with Apple Pay, bank card, or financial institution transfer at the lowest fee - best worth guarantee. Get began with as little as 1$!

↳ Automagically tracks your portfolio in real-time across totally different blockchains

↳ Send any crypto assets (NFTs or tokens) to associates, family or businesses instantly

↳ Swap any crypto for another at the fastest route and most cost-effective price

↳ Receive crypto for anyone

↳ Connect Flooz to any dApp (decentralized App) and metaverse projects

↳ Protect your assets with extra passwords and FaceID/ TouchID

↳ Hide your assets for extra privacy when in public

↳ Create as many free wallets as you like!

↳ and much more

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