AlphaManager - Finance manager

AlphaManager - Finance manager

By Alpha041cm

AlphaManager - Finance managerAlphaManager - Finance managerAlphaManager - Finance managerAlphaManager - Finance managerAlphaManager - Finance managerAlphaManager - Finance managerAlphaManager - Finance manager

Do you surprise where your cash is going? Do you're feeling such as you're doing nothing with what you earn? Your budget is all the time tight on the end of the month?

AlphaManager is for you.

AlphaManager teaches you to control your funds, respect your budgets and build savings. This financial savings will let you have fun, invest in your initiatives and be safe from the sudden.

* It is intuitive and straightforward to make use of.

* It permits you to identify financial habits and better management them.

* It allows you to easily and rapidly record your bills and your entries.

* You can kind your expenses and revenue by categories.

* You will quickly identify your largest categories of bills.

* You can add as many categories and wallets as you want.

* You can handle all of your portfolios (bank accounts, mobile cash, prepaid card, tontines)

* Set budgets (by class or monthly) and Alpha Manager will allow you to to meet them

* Its dashboards permit you to have an overview of your funds (Your bills, your entries, your savings)

* You have recurring operations, Alpha Manager lets you program them and it will document them for you.

* With our multi currencies assist you can travel and continue to track your operations. Simply choose the forex of the country during which you are earlier than recording your operation.

* Your transactions are saved automatically and you'll get well them in case your phone changes or loses.

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