Tricount - Split bills manage group expenses

Tricount - Split bills manage group expenses

By Tricount

Tricount - Split bills manage group expensesTricount - Split bills manage group expensesTricount - Split bills manage group expensesTricount - Split bills manage group expensesTricount - Split bills manage group expenses

Millions of people already use Tricount!

Great for holidays, housesharing, accounting in couples, organizing parties or events with a number of individuals, managing your price range, etc.


As easy as it will get:Focus on super simple and intuitive format.

A easy link to share your bills - a bit like Doodle.

Anyone in the group can add their own bills and see the balance.

Split expenses inconsistently: great when you're touring with youngsters for instance.

Works offline: so you have to use it even in essentially the most distant spots or on the seashore ;-).

Phone or Web: Works on the internet or by downloading the app (iPhone, Android and Windows phone).

Push notifications (optional): when someone provides or edits bills.

Log in (optional) to link all your tricounts to your profile.


create a tricount, share your link with friends ... et voilà !

Tricount makes finding out and divvying your group expenses very easy when you organize actions (for instance: ski trip, citytrip, holidays with a classroom, flatmates etc.)

Gone are the times of the outdated excel file : a neater and efficient resolution exists to breakdown the costs, sharing expense reports, listing tickets and spending. Tricount does the accounting and balances the cost for your group bills.

It enables you to breakdown the finances of a bunch and monitor expenses throughout a visit or any occasion with associates. It can be used by couples, between colleagues, roommates flatmates. It is a straightforward yet highly effective tool to determine who owes what to whom and steadiness spendings : I owe you, you owe me (IOU) ... so easy !

Create your group bills in your cell (even offline), during your group activity. Send everybody the hyperlink (a la Doodle), and your friends can also add their very own expense or see your changes.

Tricount then tells you who ought to pay what to whom to balance the group.

Very useful for any exercise with friends and colleagues: holiday, city-trip, flat sharing flatmates, week-ends, everyday lunch with colleagues, events, etc. In your couple, you can create a tricount to know who has paid what this month, or on holiday.

The app exists on iPhone, Android Windows phone, and on the web ! All currencies are accepted, even bitcoins if you'll like.

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