Cash Passport

Cash Passport

By MasterCard Prepaid Mobile Apps

Cash PassportCash PassportCash PassportCash PassportCash Passport

Cash Passport is a reloadable, multicurrency pay as you go travel money card – which helps take the stress out of spending internationally.

Here’s how:

-Cash Passport is safer than carrying cash;

-It’s accepted in hundreds of thousands of locations (everywhere Mastercard is accepted);

-It lets you load multiple currencies;

-It gives you the ability to lock-in change rates so you’ll know exactly how a lot money you need to spend; and

-24/7 phone help to all Cash Passport prospects regardless of where you're in the world.

The smarter and savvier new app comes with improved usability and added performance, so you'll find a way to spend extra time holidaying.

Key options:

-Touch ID for fast and secure check in;

-Real time view of your balance(s);

-Instantly transfer between currencies;

-Reload your card (where in-app top-ups are allowed);

-Monitor your transactions and spending; and

-Manage your private and card particulars.

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