Subscription Choice-Subscue Management Specialized App-

Subscription Choice-Subscue Management Specialized App-

By ITI inc.

Subscription Choice-Subscue Management Specialized App-Subscription Choice-Subscue Management Specialized App-

This is an software version of the subscription portal site Subsque Choice (Subchoi) that you can select from a variety of genres.

By registering the subscription contracted to the app, you probably can graph the payment quantity and monthly / yearly usage quantity, and you'll see the cost quantity by class such as entertainment and gourmand at a glance.

Also, you'll be notified by push notification when the set date comes in order that you'll not be advised I forgot to cancel and pays again this month ...!!

Subscription is a service that raises your QOL by using it properly.

Easily handle with the Subchoi app and improve your quality of life.

▽ What is a subscription choice?

Entertainment, lifestyle, gourmand, fashion, beauty, skill enchancment, well being, etc.

Detailed data corresponding to month-to-month utilization fees and flat-rate plans for various subscriptions. It is a portal web site to deliver.

In addition, we'll introduce loads of helpful info corresponding to comparability articles of subscriptions and providers beneficial by Subscription Choice.

Subscription Choice proposes a higher-grade life with subscription with the aim of making a web site from the user's perspective!

▽ How to use the app

Just register the name, month-to-month / annual charge, next fee date, and category of the subscription you've a contract with!

If you set the notification to ON, you'll be notified by notification before the set date.

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