Coin Counter

Coin Counter

By Awesomesoft

Coin CounterCoin CounterCoin CounterCoin CounterCoin Counter

A easy cash counter app that will assist you rely all of your cash and banknotes or even calculating the value mechanically by their weight.

This calculator can both assist you to counting the money by hand or it will automatically calculate how many cash you might have, if you just put them on a scale and enter the load.

When counting manually the number of the coins and bills can either be entered directly or adjusted with the totally different buttons. For instance, you'll have the ability to rely ten coins and tap the 10 button - the outcome might be updated immediately.

If you want the app do the exhausting work for you, just type the various varieties of cash and put them on a scale. The app will inform you precisely how many coins you've and their value primarily based on the load.

You can even save your inputs and restore different counts later.

Supported currencies:

-US Dollar


-Pound sterling

-Swiss franc


-Korean won

-Australian dollar

More currencies might be added in future updates.

Ads could be disabled for free in the settings :)

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